The Leadership Journey

A Leadership Program For New Finance Managers Who Struggle To Lead


Improve Your Future. Find Meaning & Purpose. Make Your Impact.




Many new finance managers find it difficult to shift from a high-performing technical analyst to be an effective leader of a team.


What allowed you to be successful earlier is no longer working. 


You often find yourself in these situations ...



  • You have never been taught to lead, inspire, and build a team.

  • You feel uncomfortable with conflict and difficult conversations with staff who were once peers.

  • You hesitate to challenge or correct underperformers or older team members.

  • You have difficulty expressing your opinion to senior management and other stakeholders.

  • You feel like you have to be pushy to get results.

  • You don't want to, or don't know how to, delegate.


You need to quickly upgrade your “soft” leadership skills.


You know that without these skills, it is going to cost you ...


  • You'll keep feeling like an imposter
  • Your team and boss will lose trust in you
  • You won't be able to deliver the expected results
  • You won't get that next promotion
  • You will plateau in your role
  • You'll wonder if you're reaching your potential

You don't have to fake it till you make it.


Join The Leadership Journey and you'll get everything you need to lead with authenticity, clarity, and confidence.  

Have access to, and learn new perspectives from a seasoned global CFO, executive coach, and award winning professor of leadership.


Get the tools and feedback to be able to understand yourself and to listen to your intuition.


Find your tribe in a safe and supportive community to share what you discover about yourself - Be Heard, Learn, and Grow.

Instead of stress and fear of failure, you'll expand your capacity and comfort to overcome these leadership challenges and improve your performance, relationships and impact.

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Everything You Need To Become The Leader You Want To Be

  • A highly experienced guide who really cares about developing the next generation.
  • Expert Coaching to build confidence and shift you from your comfort zone.
  • Masterclasses with ongoing implementation support to accelerate embodiment.
  • High-level, science & neuroscience-based tools and frameworks.
  • Mindset, habit, & competency training.
  • Supportive community to encourage and foster accountability.
  • Curated resources for faster, easier, and better learning.
  • Defined process to get you from where you are now to where you want to be as a leader!

This is NOT JUST an online course!

This is also an online, get it done TOGETHER, Membership and Community.


You arrive ready to expand your capacity to lead in life, take time to define what is important to you, and walk away with wisdom, compassion, sense making skills, and life-enriching friendships!

Developing new leadership habits and skills

We follow a structured development path moving you along the transformation milestones using recorded videos, coaching tools, journaling prompts, self-reflection exercises and on-the job applications. You choose the learning method that is most developmental for you.

A new topic is introduced in the Academy every two weeks that you can work with at your own pace. As you progress through the modules, you can also share/discuss with other Community members for deeper understanding.  I am very active in the community and guide you if/when you need help.

Every month there is a 90-minute live group coaching call where we explore a topic and learn how to embody it as a habit/behavior.  The topic introduced is typically practiced during the call in group break-out sessions.  The call is recorded to allow multiple viewings at your own leisure.

The learnings in the live call are further strengthened via a curated selection of implementation challenges, somatic exercises, meditations, journal writing, online training and/or community discussion.

The community offers support and accountability to allow safe experimentation, sharing of lessons learned, and shifting into the growth zone.

Increase self-awareness & confidence to understand and connect to the deepest and most authentic part of yourself 

Leverage your increased self-awareness to create your vision and the change you want for yourself & others

Learn and embody authentic leadership skills and habits and live and model a life of meaning, belonging, and purpose 

All of this is possible because you get:


And let's not forget about....


Borrow the courage and wisdom of highly engaged fellow members, all helping each other become unstuck, and progressing towards that desired future state.


Learn how career savvy individuals take control of their career and get the jobs they want. 

  • How to develop key relationships for advancement and support
  • How informal HR processes work, and how to position yourself at the right time
  • How to navigate the minefields of office politics 
  • Tools & techniques to self-promote
  • How to develop any competency
  • How to think about work/life balance in a comprehensive and integrated process. 


Learn about your fundamental personality traits and identify areas for development through this Enneagram personality assessment.

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Look at what past students have commented!

The Leadership Journey is a diamond!

Arif masterfully weaves together all of the cutting edge research and schools of leadership thought, going beyond the theory creating a unique “vision course” for the individual with practical advice and applications. Arif emphasizes one’s identity, while also demystifying the chessboard of promotions, bonuses and the unwritten rules of the executive committee. The most valuable lessons I wish I had come to earlier in my career were the empirical formulas of trust and credibility, which over used strengths become what weaknesses, the most common derailments that can negatively impact career, defining the high potential, and skillsets of the politically savvy. Arif brings an inclusive and warm teaching style ... I would recommend to anyone looking for career advancement or entering management.

— Safi Majid - Associate Director @ The Siegfried Group


A practical deep-dive to learn about yourselves if you work within or lead an organization of any size.!

It will help to better understand your values, your leadership styles, your self-management practices, and the hidden power of corporate politics in enabling critical activities. The program brings to light the underlying processes that are taking place in the corporate landscape, with or without your awareness, and invites you to acknowledge them while managing your own tendencies and inclinations to maximize your impact.

— Bruno Occhipinti - General Manager - AICS


You're Absolutely Going To Love This Membership!


  • 18+ modules explaining important leadership themes, in addition to how to practically implement & embody them
  • Curated resource library (audio/video/text) to focus and save time and effort
  • Anytime & everywhere Membership Portal access (24/7/365) on both desktop &/or mobile
  • Access to Private Community for connection and peer support
  • Access to LIVE Monthly Coaching events with Arif Iqball
  • Downloadable workbooks to help you master the frameworks
  • Monthly development challenge to ensure progress
  • Discounts for 1:1 Coaching and Course Offerings
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You can cancel your membership at any time.

Hi. I'm Arif.

My mission is to develop purpose-driven individuals who use their authenticity, empathy, and genuine concern to help others.

In this membership, I am going to help you develop the awareness and habits that you need to lead effectively so that you can make a positive difference in your own and in other lives. 

I am an executive coach and also a Professor of Leadership at KansaiGaidai University in Osaka, Japan.  I am the recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Teaching (Best Professor) and my "Managing Yourself for Career Success" class is a foundation class required for all new students in the Department of Global Engagement.

Prior to teaching and starting an executive coaching company, I was the Global CFO and Corporate Sr. Vice President for Benesse Holdings Inc., a USD 5B public Japanese company covering approx. 40 group companies. 

Over the course of my career, I was promoted many times and moved across industries and job functions and found my own way to manage work-life balance and to lead authentically and ethically while navigating office politics. I held financial leadership positions at Ford and Delphi (Automotive), Avon (Cosmetics/Direct Selling), Becton Dickinson (Medical Equipment), and at McCann Worldgroup (Advertising). I have also served as a Board member in over 15 public and private companies across Japan, China, and the United States.

I want to share all my lessons learned about leadership and help you share your unique voice and gift to be of service to others.


See you on the inside!


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