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Japanese horseback archery is called Kisha , which means shooting arrows from horseback. There are three forms of Kisha , called Kisha-no-mitsumono ,which includes: Yabusame, Kasagake, and Inuoumono.Yabusame is the most well-known and the most formal form of Kisha, since it is held at shrines as ceremony. Minamoto no Yoritomo, who became the first leader of Bushi society and established Kamakura Bakufu in the 12th century, ordered to compile a formal Yabusame ceremony regulation book. The book is named "Yabusame-shahou". Takedaryu follows this formal regulation book so that the traditional Yabusame ceremony has been kept and performed exactly the way it has been from the ancient time.The Takeda School of Horseback Archery (Takedaryu) is a school which has been maintaining the traditional Japanese horseback archery, of which original form emerged in the 8th century. The school follows the regulation and teachings established in the 12th century. The school trains horseback archers and does horseback archery demonstrations throughout the country as well as overseas.The school is a martial arts school, whose philosophy and action follow Bushido, which means "the way Samurai follows". Thus, one who belongs to the school is required to respect God, ancestors, as well as other people, and to act with manners.Yundeyoko is the term for shooting to the left side (used for Yabusame and Kasagake)
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