It is lonely at the top!

It is lonely at the top!

I often hear from leaders that they don't feel like they have anyone at work they can open up to, or lean on to share the challenges they're carrying.


It does not need to be this way.


I offer mentoring that is distinct from coaching programmes.


While Coaching is more goal focused/task oriented, Mentoring is more holistic/relationship oriented and is chosen when the client wants the benefit of their mentor’s professional experience as well the coaching style that allows them to think through their situation and come to their own conclusions.

A client will typically seek a mentor who has previous experience in the challenges on which they are working. CFOs usually want a mentor who has also been a CFO; others may look for a mentor with experience in their industry/market/location/life stage.

Whatever the criteria, it is explicit that the client is looking for the contribution from their mentor that will provide new information or a different perspective based on the mentor’s own experiences. 

An experienced mentor may also provide the perspective of others who have faced similar challenges and how they overcame them. 

As a mentor, I use a strategic partner approach. Whilst sharing experience is part of the process, I will challenge the client to make sense of their own situation, consider aspects that may be ignored, and understand consequences of possible decisions.

As with coaching, the client will always be the one to decide on the way forward. 

The success of a mentoring programme is highly influenced by the relationship that develops between the mentor and client. Experience, personality, and trust are critical factors for success.

Grow with Arif

I highly recommend Arif as a coach not only to CFO’s but also CEO’s and other senior professionals. I first met Arif during a coaching course and was immediately drawn to his wisdom, authenticity and remarkable lack of ego. Arif has since coached me in my capacity as a CEO of an Asian franchise for a large multinational, and his guidance and insightful queries and curiosity have helped me navigate a complex organisation. Arif has gently questioned my attitudes and beliefs toward work and encouraged me to think about broader missions and callings and to explore how I can leverage my unique and diverse skills for greater service. He has built my resilience, supported me in my journey and been an advocate for my personal growth and transformation. I would recommend Arif to anyone who is looking for deep insight, mentorship and personal and professional growth and would be happy to connect with those who wish to learn more about Arif’s unique style of coaching.