Hi Arif. I recently came across your site & communicated with you. Today, I came across this site of yours. I love your photographs. I visited Hiroshima for a few days, spent most of my trip in Kyoto, and a couple of days in Tokyo back in 2015 (if I recall correctly). I truly enjoyed it & would like to revisit, again. Your photos remind me of my international travels and how it gave me a better perspective of life. There’s so much more to do in this life, people to meet and build relationships, and love to share!
Barbara Pressman(non-registered)
Such a delight to the eye! I am inspired by your work, and glad that it was brought to my attention. Arif, you are an artist!
Andy Standish(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful images of your travel.
Love your images the japanese portfolio is stunning! Hope to visit Japan soon, very inspiring country.
And love your B/W version above all. Interesting your comments on workshops, useful for people like us travelling and making photography , thank you.
Regards from Italy
Darcy Moore(non-registered)
Currently travelling in Japan, I stumbled across your site. I certainly understand why Tokyo has become your home. We have loved our first visit to Japan and plan to return as soon as possible.

A few humble pics:

Robert van Basten(non-registered)
I love your work,you have a great snappers eye.. I am especially fond of the Japanese section.. outstanding..
Lance Keimig(non-registered)
Hi Arif-

Wonderful work from one travel photographer to another. Very inspiring
Miguel Martinez Viñas(non-registered)
Hi Arif, I'm Mick from Bs.As., Argentina, love your pictures!!!
I'm Photographer too and have of many pictures of Tango.
I like a share with you, for your opinion, please!!


Your work is wonderful in every way!


Wow, love the pictures! Simply gorgeous!
Kind regards,
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