How I went from being a Global CFO of a USD 5B public company to helping hundreds of hard-working individuals find confidence and start to build a life they love.

How I went from being a Global CFO of a USD 5B public company to helping hundreds of hard-working individuals find confidence and start to build a life they love.

Before there was a call to developing people, there was a "successful" corporate identity

  • CFO of multiple public and private companies.
  • Board member of over 15 companies.
  • Leadership experience across industries, functions, and geographic boundaries.
  • Multiple graduate degrees from top-tier universities.

Beneath the surface, I was an introvert working hard to be the best that I could be.

Eager to demonstrate my value through achievement and results.

Working late hours and feeding the success myth monster.

All the while ignoring and escaping the core work that needed to be done for my own development and happiness and life enrichment.

Transitioning from a life that was "Just Enough"


My hectic corporate days taught me the principle of "Just Enough" - work on different elements of life (achievement, family, relationships ...) to the point of just enough and then rotate to other areas and gradually widen the circle over time.

The issue was that the mindset of "just enough" never allowed me to take ownership of my achievements or feel I had done enough. 

What was needed was a shift to a mindset of "I am enough" to be able to let go of the inner critic that kept pushing "to do" versus creating the space "to be" for personal growth.

I was stuck in an orbit and needed a new "rocket" to allow me to move to a different one and that came in 2015.

Something inside me was pulling me and I listened to that inner voice and resigned from my corporate job and took a sabbatical.

Suddenly, my life was a blank canvas.

I lost my dominant identity and needed to create a new one which was my own and in-line with the person I wanted to be.

I moved to a new city, got a new home - everything in my life was new.

I explored what to do with my life unaware that life already had plans for me.

Trusting the openings that life was offering!


An opening suddenly showed up for part-time teaching at a local University which I accepted.

I knew that I wanted to share the challenges of my personal journey to help others and a call with a friend who was a coach led to an exploration of coaching.

That coaching program was a gift that allowed me to go deeper into myself.

Equipped with the frameworks I learnt, I started to accelerate my journey of people and personal development.

The university offered me a tenured full Professor position with complete freedom to design my own classes.

Recognizing this as an opportunity to give back and to be of service, I accepted this invitation and started to walk the parallel paths of development for both students and executives.

Life had other lessons to teach me for my journey.


In the Spring of 2019, I lost my only son to depression and it created a huge void that I continue to learn to be with. 

With it came a huge loss of identity and legacy.

The love and support from my students and my family and friends fills a big part of this hole.

I learned how life challenges us and at the same time gives us ways to be with those challenges.

I could see that developing and helping people was my refuge and my calling.

What was needed from me was to surrender/let go of control and dance with however life leads me to move.

At the beginning there were doubts - not by others, but my own.


The impostor syndrome was very strong and the constant heckling of the inner critic did not help.

What shifted things were the results that I was starting to get from my coaching clients and also my students.

"Life changing" was a phrase I heard with greater frequency and majority of my clients renewed/extended.

The university bestowed on me the "Best Professor Award" which was very motivational.

I started to settle down and was aware that my inner desire to help people had found a way to be of true service.

I started to embody "I am enough".

I had found a way to support other people's dreams and my own.

I was gaining traction in coaching and had completed the 500+ hours needed to cross the important and difficult milestone of becoming a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) in two years.

Yet the inner voice was still calling and so I did the one thing I personally needed to do all along.

I slowed down!

- Canceled my coaching commitments with all partner companies

- Reduced the number of self-development classes I was taking

- Changed my habits and behaviors to give more time to inner exploration

- Leveraged having no classes to teach during the summer


I focused on myself and started to work with a coach (a true gift from life).


I had been like a gardener watering all the other trees without watering my own.

I embraced that just like an acorn has the ability to grow into a beautiful tree, I had all what it needed to become the person I wanted to be.

I realized that I need to regularly fill my own well so that I can be of sustained service to others (distinction of service and sacrifice).

I learned that I could help myself AND help others at the same time.

I learned that I also grow when I do work with my clients.


Working with my coach allowed me to:

  • embrace my achievements and keep my personality and core values of humility and authenticity
  • scale to be visible for what I could offer to others
  • Enrich my own life and relationships and know how to be nourished from my daily experiences.


I found myself living a life of meaning and a legacy of service, helping hundreds of clients and students to live the life they want.

I learned all this by constantly leveraging a growth mindset and setting the domino that allowed me to move without friction in the freeway of life.

I offer the same to others who want to be able to have purpose and meaning in their life.

If what I have said resonated with you then schedule a call with me and see how I can support you to embrace life and offer your gift to others.


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